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How I Acheived Independance Or You Can Hire Me To Make It Happen!
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How Appliance Repair Saved My Life

Brett Singleton
Brett Singleton
Technical SEO Consultant

Hi, I'm Brett Singleton , I created this site because
I wanted to build a community to help others accomplish
what I have for the last ten years.

My mission is to provide appliance repair services with
the training, resources, and frameworks they need
to improve and maintain their organic rankings.

You see, In my early 50's, I got tired or working for other people.
I shifted the skills earned in a decade of professional web development to Technical SEO. The results for my clients were spectacular, so I decided it was time to apply them to my own business.

I decided I'd combine them with appliance repair,
the first trade I'd ever learned years ago in my Father's Laundromats.

I decided since I had a platform to sell,
I needed something I could sell and do easily.
It went beyond my wildest dreams.

It turns our my web and SEO skills gave me quite an advantage over my competitors and I leveraged it to the maximum. My first site launch for the Charleston, SC area was at #1 on Google in 8 weeks time.

After spending a year running all over town all day, I decided I wanted a more targeted approach. I built a site specifically for the Mount Pleasant area just north of Charleston.

This was a decade ago when it was much easier to game Google than it is now, but even so I took a more cautious approach to this second site. It was #1 for it's keyword in 12 weeks.

I decided to dig out my appliance repair skills since when I surveyed my market area,
the websites there were weak in terms of SEO.

As individuals, it can be difficult to compete with the big sites seeking to siphong off your profits. Angie and Yelp

Now, after a decade of keeping my sites ranking in the top 3 results for dozens of keywords,
it's occured to me I could put my SEO skills to use solving
the marketing problems some of my fellow repair techs have.

Why I Specialize In Organic Rankings

  1. Establish a mission statement.
  2. Outline your company story.
  3. Reveal how you’ve evolved.
  4. State your “aha!” moment.
  5. Explain whom you serve.
  6. Explain what you’re offering them.
  7. Cite examples of whom you’ve served.
  8. Describe your values.



My mission is to help businesses and individuals understand the importance of technical seo and how it can be used to improve their websites and achieve their ranking goals.

More than one also stated they were not interested in single owner businesses
or those interested in appliance repair as a part time job.

I was a bit shocked but happy because,
those are the exact kinds of services my company is developed for.
People who'd like to organically rank their local appliance repair website.

I have resources for those who'd like to learn.

I offer plans and services for those who don't have time to learn Technical SEO,
but recognize the importance of it for ranking.